The Township of Coldwater

Coldwater Township surrounds the city of Coldwater, Branch County. In the year 1833, Branch County was divided into two townships, Coldwater Township on the East and Prairie Rover on the West. In 1836, Coldwater Township was cut into four parcels. The new townships which were formed were named Coldwater, Algansee, California and Quincy. Following the year 1861, Coldwater City was formed in the center of Coldwater Township.

The township is bordered by Fenn Road on the south and Jonesville Road on the north.  The eastern boarder is Fox Road and the western border is Hodunk Road and west of Behnke Road.

The 2010 census showed a population of 3,472. Three Michigan Department of Corrections facilities are located within the Township.  There is a chain of seven lakes that start in Girard Township and flow through the western side of the Township and the City of Coldwater ending near Garfield Road.

Prior to 1951, Township board meetings were held in the basement hallway of the Branch County Courthouse and the basement of the old county jail.  The fire which destroyed the County Courthouse in 1972 made it necessary for the Township to relocate its offices.  A portion of the Pratt building was rented until 1974, when the township purchased one acre of land from Robert Smith and built a new township hall located at 319 Sprague Road  The cost of the site and building was paid for with Revenue Sharing monies.

The Coldwater Township tax roll in 1865 was $10,852.19, which included schools, roads and operating expenses.  The township tax roll for 2023 is $4,512,354.  The township valuation for 2023 is $175,047,000.