Cemetery Ordinance #02-1

Cemetery Rates 2020


Located off of Mason Road just east of Fiske Road.  Established in 1837.

Contact Sexton Lucas Cronkhite at 269-352-8114 with cemetery related questions such as purchasing grave sites, columbarium niches, and information on the memorial garden.

Mason Cemetery Rules:

  • No glass will be allowed.
  • No trees, shrubbery or plants shall be planted in the ground.
  • Summer decorations are cleared by Oct 15th.
  • Winter blankets will be allowed between November 15th and April 1st.
  • All decorations must be kept neat, orderly and inline with stones.  All containers are to be set on concrete bases.  (Suggestion - Patio Blocks if foundation is not large enough.)
  • Artificial decorations will be allowed, but will be removed by the sexton if they become unsightly or interfere with the normal care and maintenance of the cemetery without provision for return to proper owners.
  • As soon as flowers or ornaments used in interment services become unsightly, they will be removed without provisions for return to proper owners.
  • Flags that are frayed or torn will be removed by the sexton.



Located on the north side of Hurley Road just west of River Road.  Burial dates of 1839-1866.



Located on airport property.  Burial dates of 1843-1865