Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is created to provide residents a forum at which they can appeal issues arising from interpretations of the township’s zoning ordinance. For example, the strict interpretation of the zoning ordinance would create a hardship when applied to a specific land parcel due to the parcel’s shape. Perhaps a set back requirement prevents a reasonable use of the land. The ZBA hears these cases and makes a determination to grant a variance to that unique parcel. The ZBA is then very much like a court as it conducts it’s proceedings. After the ZBA renders it’s decision and in the event the applicant is still is not satisfied with the findings, those findings may be appealed to the ZBA for a re-hearing. If the result is still not agreeable to the applicant the result may be appealed to the local circuit court.


Members Include:

  • Chairman - Brian VanZee
  • Secretary - (tbd)
  • Member - Dave Huntley
  • Member – Rodney Kurtz
  • Alternate - John Kopacz