Property Inspections

Assessor Russell Siler will be inspecting homes to comply with the Michigan State Tax Commissions requirements for assessing.  He is currently visiting properties on North Behnke Road between Bater Road and Fenn Road.  Russ drives a dark gray 2024 Chevy pick-up.  Mr. Siler will have a Coldwater Township ball-style cap on, township business cards and of course his driver’s license on him for identification.  Mr. Siler typically is inspecting homes after 4:30 pm Monday thru Thursdays.  Occasionally, inspections are performed during the weekday or on Friday afternoons and Saturdays.  These inspections are done during favorable weather only.  The Branch County Sheriff’s Department and the 911 office have been informed of Mr. Siler’s activities.

These inspections are required by the Michigan State Tax Commission, at a minimum, of once every 5 years.  Per the State Tax Commission, inspection (record card review) is defined as a physical measuring and listing of all properties elements, including but not limited to class of construction, square footage, listing of improvements (home(s), garages, decks, porches, sheds etc.) including photographing the improvements.   These inspections consist of measuring all improvements on each property, gathering information about the interior of each building such as current use, number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc.  If an owner is not home at the time of Mr. Siler’s visit, he will leave a YELLOW door knocker complete with the date, time of his visit, including the properties tax identification number.  The door knocker asks the owner to call 517-279-9388 within 3 days to supply information about the interior of the home etc.  Otherwise, the interior has to be ESTIMATED.  Physically visiting each property ensures accurate and equitable assessment based facts.

Russell Siler has been the assessor for Coldwater Township since June 17, 2005.  

Coldwater Township Officials and Assessor Russell Siler want you to know that if you have any concerns about anyone who comes to your property, do NOT hesitate to call the authorities immediately.